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Hair by Thomas




“I'm not the type of girl that spends a lot of time or money on hair and fashion, and because of this I became quite picky about many aspects of products and services that I am considering to purchase. I had a very hard time finding a hairstylist that actually cared about their customers' hair. When I do visit a salon, I usually try to ask questions and make small talk with hairstylists to test their compassion in their work and their customers. My philosophy is: it is one thing to be good at cutting and styling hair, but it is useless to be good at it if your customers don't feel valued, see the value in your work, and don't feel good at the end of the appointment. It was difficult finding a stylists that I liked and hence, before Thomas, I never stuck with the same stylist. In addition, I had my hair dyed and permed a few years back and my hair was ruined to the point where all I saw were dried out split ends (it was gross!); I had no motivation to fix it at all and it really affected my self-esteem. When I did go to a hair stylist, all they do was cut, washed and styled my hair -- there was never any mention about fixing my hair to make it look healthier, but Thomas was different (you can read about my first visit with him in the link above).

A half a year has past since my last visit at Thomas'. Even though I haven't seen him in half a year, my hair has continued to look softer and silkier because of what he had taught me. When I saw him this previous December, he commented on how much healthier my hair looked. Indeed it has gotten a lot healthier. I no longer see any split ends and on top of that, I can actually see some shine (I only use shampoo and conditioner)! No need to buy expensive products! All I do is go see Thomas twice a year!”

- Annie W.

“ Thomas exemplifies and passes on an aesthetic touch that is difficult to find in Vancouver. His sensitivity and attention to detail along with the friendly atmosphere puts Hair by Thomas a leap ahead of the other Vancouver hair stylists. Thank you for your artistry, Thomas. “

-Tracey A.

“ Thomas is an amazing creative hairstylist! I have been getting haircuts from him ~ 8 years.  He seems to have magic power and he always give me the stylish cuts that fits my facial features perfectly! Sometimes I just sit and let him cut away, and I'm never disappointed!  I love every hair cut he has done for me... long, med, or short length! Never a boring haircut! I always get compliments from people I know and strangers I see on the street for my haircuts! How can I live without him!? I definitely recommend you to book an appointment and try it out yourself! You will love your hairstyle very much!”

-Gigi T.

“ I had my colour done by Thomas after getting my hair straightened by him He is so knowledgeable with hair & suggest me not to do highlight with bleach. I am so happy with the highlight he gave me. Thanks Thomas”

-Tammie H.

“ I have been going to Thomas for years. if you want to have your hair straightened, you MUST go see him! Thomas does an amazing job and his prices are well below what the high end salons charge.”

-Sue D.

“I have been going to Thomas for Japanese Hair Straightening since 2002.  I am very happy with the result.  Last year, I went to try the Brazilian Blowout and it was a big mistake.  It didn't work on my hair and it cost way more than the Japanese Hair Straightening.  I am back at Thomas's for hair straightening and my hair is smooth and shiny again. He has recently started his own business.  His price is very reasonable and better than most salons.  I will definitely recommend Thomas to everybody.”

-Susan B.

“I used to go to AOI beauty salon to get my Japanese Hair Straightening done. I decided to try Thomas because AOI can not fit my schedule and Thomas use the same product for the treatment. I couldn't be happier cuz I paid much less and get the same result.  Thank you Thomas”